Thursday, May 27, 2010

Planning Committee Survey Results for Types of Businesses in Berne

''Many businesses were personally favored by respondents.  A local farm produce center was the most favorable to have in Berne.  Other highly favorable businesses were animal shelter, antique/flea market, bakery, bed and breakfast inns, book store, convenience store, fish farm, garden center, grocery store, local farm butcher, medical offices, pharmacy, Helderberg tourism, and winery. Many of the other businesses had 50% or more favorable support.  

Most of the large scale businesses such as big box retail stores, big box warehouse, hunting farm, and an industrial power plants were opposed or strongly opposed.  

When asked where they would accept commercial development in Berne, the most common answer was along Route 443, followed by along Route 85 and in or near a hamlet.  Along Route 57a and anywhere in Town was favored by less than 20% of respondents.  There were about 12% who said that commercial development should be nowhere in Town.''

Editor's comment.- If we want local farms and businesses we must support them with our by buying locally. It does no good to say it would be nice to have a convenience store, a grocery store, a local farm butcher, a farm produce center if we do not spend our money locally to show that we really support them.

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