Saturday, February 23, 2008

Huntersland, Steve & Anne LaMont, Hank Jones

Before continuing with Huntersland, I wanted to share a posting from ebay:

Early Postcard - Thompson's Lake, Berne, Albany Co., NY
Postcard, ca. 1906, undivided back, used but in good condition. Captioned THE COVE, THOMPSON’S LAKE, N.Y. Near Altamont, Berne, and Vorheesville in Albany County New York.

And now more on Huntersland:
  • Part of a letter from Hank Jones to an email I forwarded to him from Steve & Anne LaMont asking how they could obtain a copy of his book for the Middleburgh Library:
Hal Miller has told me of your interest in obtaining a copy of my book A Few More Left: The Story of Isaac Hillman which contains a large section on his ancestral Barkman/Barrickman family. Isaac himself lived in MIddleburgh in 1820 with his brother Garret Barickman before changing his name to the anglicized "Hillman" and moving to Troy and then California during the Gold Rush.

I'd be happy to send you a gratis copy of my book with my compliments. Years and years ago Frances Spencer helped me as a teenager in assembling Huntersland/ Middleburgh data about the family, and I've always been grateful for her kindness.

Best wishes on your own studies of your lovely and historically-important area. So many of the Palatines I write about in my several books settled there (see my website for more on these volumes).

Please send me your address, and I'll mail off a copy to you right away.

All the best,

Hank Jones
{Henry Z Jones, Jr., Fellow, American Society of Genealogists}

PS: If ever you run across an old photo of Daniel Barkman's father (1777-1851), do let me know - I'd love to see it! I am delighted to correct the erroneous photo caption I gave on page 310 of my book: the man whom I thought to have been my great great grandfather Garret BarickmanNoah Dibble (1788-1864) of Breakabeen was actually old Daniel Barkman of Huntersland.

  • And Steve & Anne's reply:
Thank you so very much. If you are ever in this area, you must come into the NEW Middleburgh Library and see the History/Genealogy Room. The library was built in 2003 and is quite beautiful and our room is highly thought of in the area. Marian Lynes Bouck did a tremendous job organizing the collection from the old library and also for bringing in a lot of new material. Steve and I volunteer there every Thursday morning and help indexing all the scrapbooks, etc. for easier reference. We have also added a few books to our Genealogy section and are very happy to add yours.
  • The next letter is from Mark Traver via my brother Ralph, Town Historian:
    Hi Ralph, I love the web-site.   I have traced my genealogy back on the
    Church family from Schoharie County to Berne. I have tracked down
    many headstones, but was stuck on Simeon Church 8/11/1750-6/4/1841 and
    wife Theodora Beebe 6/6/1841. I knew that they were buried in the
    Jacob Dumond burial ground, could not find where it is located. The
    web-site says it is located on Miller Road just over the town line.
    My wife and I drove up and down Miller Road on Saturday, but found no
    obvious site. There was one area a third of the way in from Gifford
    Hollow Road on the left across the road from a house. There was a flag
    pole and a little memorial set-up. Do you have any knowledge of its
    precise location? Thanks Mark T.
I have sent an interim reply but am waiting for possible additional information.