Thursday, October 1, 2009


I just found that the bridge that was once across the Foxenkill on the old road from Berne to Knox was called a king post truss bridge. Wouldn't a reproduction bridge be a great addition to the Fox Creek Town Park! It would make the ruins of the old mills on the north side accessible to the public. Speaking of access, how about a trail along the south side of the Foxenkill connecting Fox Creek Park with the Town of Berne park on the west side of town. It would give students walking access to BKW School. It could be used by not only school kids, but also strollers, hikers, joggers, fisherman, and bicyclists. It would give access to the beautiful creek whose only access now is below the brige in the center of town. Despite the serene beauty of the creek, it is asset the town has turned its back on. The presence of a trail could increase property values.