Monday, August 25, 2008


While most of my research on Berne area families is done on the Internet, I also use a number of books written by fellow researchers.
  • The Wright Families of Berne, New York, by Douglas Wright Cruger was privately printed in October 2003; 326 pages. This an extremely well documented book on all of the Wrights of Berne and nearby towns. Doug has a few books left. He can be contacted at

  • Haverlys of the Helderbergs, and there many descendants, by Estella Haverly Roth and Ramona Machester Tryon. I think the first edition was 1994 and was published by the Haverly Family Association. There was an update in 1995 and 2004. For more information contact:
    Allene Slater
    Ramona Tryon, 108 State Route 146, Schoharie, NY 12157-4215

  • There is a series of four books of old photographs of Berne and Berne families including many reminisces edited by Willard Osterhout, sponsored by The Warner's Lake Improvement Association.
  1. Life at the Lake, Warner's Lake, N.Y. published 2004
  2. Life Along the Way, Traveling N. Y. 43 Warner's Lake and Beyond, 2006
  3. The Journey continues...Life Along the Way, 2007
  4. The Final Journey, 2008, includes photos and stories about Camp Pinnacle, Camp Woodstock and Camp Orinsekwa

Contact Willard at 518-872-1606, or by email to purchase any of the books.

  • Indian Ladder, A History of Life in the Helderbergs, by Gary L. Donhardt, 2001, is an excellent history of Berne. It includes much information on the following families: Thompson, Winne, Secor, Hart, Schermerhorn, Ketcham, Van Wormer, Smith, and Van Zandt. Contact: Gary L. Donhardt