Tuesday, July 22, 2008


In a recent post I referenced a letter to the Editor that was about the formation of the Town of Berne. The writer said that the first town clerk of Rensselarville in 1790, and then of Berne in 1795, was Israel B. Spencer. I had never heard of him so I have just done some research.

Israel B. Spencer was in the 1800 federal census in Berne with three sons under 10, a daughter under 10 and another daughter under 16. He was between 26 and 45 years old as was his wife. Elsewhere he was called Israel B. Spencer, Esq.

There is an Israel B. Spencer buried in a small cemetery in Williamstown, Otsego County but I am not sure he was the same man that lived in Berne. The tombstone says Israel B. Spencer, Revolutionary Soldier, New Hampshire Militia, with no dates.

In fact, there was an Israel B. Spencer in Otsego County between 1790 and 1800 so that could not have been the man from Berne.

I am doing further research.