Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Law Office > Select School > Fire House > Post Office > Garage

The photo to the right is of the 1929 Model T Ford called the "Village Queen", still the pride of the Berne Fire Dept.

A small building in Berne served many functions since it was built in the mid 19th Century:

  • Law office of Edward Vincent Filkins, Esq.
  • The Select School in 1882 of his daughter Carrie Filkins.
  • Berne Post Office in the 1920's. The post master from 1915 - 1928 was Clarence Haverly, husband of Carrie Filkins.
  • Berne Volunteer Fire Company was organized in 1929 it became the first fire house.
  • It is now a private garage.

This photo is from about 1977 and was published in Our Heritage.