Sunday, October 11, 2009



In 1984 the old Berne Conservation Board did a very thorough job of locating every cemetery and small family burial ground in the township. Each of these cemeteries were keyed to a section of a USGS topographical quadrangle. This past summer Dennis and Dave Bernhardt updated that survey and used took GPS coordinates for the 50 cemeteries they could find. Some of these were not found in 1984. They are now updating the descriptions and location information on the Berne Historical Project site

I would like to suggest and request that the current Conservation Board consider making a survey of historic sites to locate and document the conditions of the remains of
any historic sawmills and grist mills, bridge and dam sites. They were scattered all over the town. A starting point would be the 1854 and 1866 maps of the town which showed various grist and sawmills. Like abandoned cemeteries, these abandoned ruins will eventually be lost. It would be good to know exactly where they were before it is to late.

I feel sure I could find some volunteers to help in this project. Maybe even do it under the leadership of the Conservation Board.

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