Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Morey, Plue, Newell, Martin

Today's picture, by Allan Deitz, is of the West Berne Reformed Church Cemetery. It is in typical condition of most of the fifty or more small family burying grounds in the Town of Berne. I believe the brush was cut a few years ago.

  • Betty Fink wrote:
    I don't know if you know about the Old Fulton NY Post Cards site. Tom has over 5 million pages of newspapers, mostly from central New York, but has recently added quite a few from Albany and those have sections about the surrounding towns including as far away as Middleburg.
    It's free and it's fun even if traffic is a little high sometimes.
  • I searched the site for "Berne" and found 5000 hits! The second one was a 1918 Albany New York Evening Journal page with people that owed land taxes. I try to have everyone who lived in Berne in the Berne Genealogy and I was able to add a number of names. Also found that some people I had thought died earlier than 1918 were still alive.
  • My brother Ralph asked how I do my searching for people. Here is my reply:
    My best source is which I subscribe to. It has all the census records up to 1930 (newer ones are not allowed to be published). It also has a public record index for living people giving their age, address and tel. no. This site also has posted family genealogies which gives exact dates of birth, maiden names, ancestors, siblings, etc.

    Then I use Social Security records to find when and where dead people were born and died. I also use and
  • I researched the paternal ancestors for Pat (Morey) Favreau, our Town Clerk. My reply:
    Your father, Nelson Morey, was third youngest of ten or more children of Nelson H. and Mamie E. (Duncan) Morey. They lived on Falls Road, Catskill, Greene, NY up until after 1913 when they moved to Washington County. He was a Democrat according to the 1913 tax records on from a search on Google.

    His great grandparents were Horace and Louisa Morey from Catskill (1880 census records can be found on

    I used to find that Mamie's maiden name was Duncan. That came from Pat's aunt's obituary.
  • Shelley Lynn Plue Googled her name and found it in the Berne Genealogy. My reply to her:
    We are 3rd, 5th, 7th, 8th, and 10th cousins, through at least 8 sets of shared great-grandparents on your father's side. The closest are Peter and Libby (Milner) Becker and Washington and Sophia (Williman) Barton. Attached is a 24 page journal of over 500 of your father's Berne area ancestors.
  • My sister Marilyn sent me the obituary for John R. "Dick"Newell and posted it on the Berne Historical Project site.
  • The other day she posted the obit for Clyde. J. Martin.

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