Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hempstead, Utterville, Rivenburgh

I really have hesitated to write a blog for today, since it has been such an unusually terrible day. It started off with a noise in the night that awoke me. Our house was being burglarized. Someone was leaving the bedroom with my wallet and keys when I heard the bedroom door close.
I found out later he had a butcher knife from the kitchen and had come in over the roof. I slowly descended the stairs unarmed to find the door to the street was open. Looking out I saw some one peering around the corner of the adjoining house. I took chase even though I was in my underwear. He ran a block and turned a corner and jumped on his motorcycle. In the meantime his accomplice must have left in a larger vehicle with two computers and everything that goes with them, my wallet and keys, the silverware, and a half used tube of toothpaste that was next to my wallet. I don't yet know how it will affect the Berne genealogy as I did not have a very recent backup. Somethings will be lost. Somethings I can re-enter.

After a couple of hours I fell into a restless sleep to be awaken at 6:30 as usual by the garbage truck stopping. I had to get up, as I do every morning, to take out the garbage. Unusual for me, I tried to go back to sleep only to be awaken at 7 am by an earthquake. It lasted almost a minute but turned out finally to be much ado about nothing, TG. It took most of the day to take care of reporting the robbery to the police, trying to change the locks on the house and the car, calling banks about credit cards, etc. Much time was spent but little accomplished. Tomorrow much more of the same.

Here is a summary of genealogy events:
  • From Ed Healy: Here is the latest news on the Hempstead Family Reunion. Please pass this along to all who may be interested. Please post this link in any Hempstead message boards your are a member of. See http://www.eehealy.com/healy3a.html for Hempstead Notices.
  • From Anne Lamont in reply to the question "Where is Utter Ville": To the best of my knowledge, Utterville is at the corner of High Point Road and Huntersland Road, just past the Christian Church. Josiah Utter had a saw mill somewhere near there, possibly on the lower end of Cook Hill Road. It's the little collection of houses at the corner. I thought years ago, when I first came to this area I saw a road sign there saying Utterville, but Steve does not remember it. Middleburgh News used to run a column called Utterville and most of it was on the people who lived in that area.
  • From Susan Rightmyer : I noted in your blog spot that you receive obituaries and thought you might be interested in the attached for Ellen Rivenburgh [Forwarded to my sister Marilyn for posting on the Berne site]. I will check with my Aunt Florence Rivenburgh Dietrich to see if she can recall where Utter Ville was located.

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Midge Frazel said...

OMG, I am glad you are OK (I am also glad you had on your underwear!) Expect to be kinda shaky for a while and I don't mean earthquake rumbles.